Below are some links you may find helpful. Various IPO and breed club links, as well as some for training tips, videos, and equiptment. This page is always evolving so check back for new links. All links will open in a new window/tab.


Registering Organizations and Breed Clubs

United Schutzhund Clubs of America: USCA Homepage

German Shepherd Dog Club of America-Working Dog Association: GSDCA-WDA Homepage

Verein für deutsche schäferhunde (Society for German Shepherd Dogs): SV Homepage

Weltunion der Schäferhundvereine (World Union of German Shepherd Clubs): WUSV Homepage

German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada: GSSCCA Homepage

Training Videos, Tools, and Equipment

Bow Wow Flix- Training DVD Rentals

Leerburg- Training Videos and Equipment

Hallmark K9- Training Equipment

Elite K9- Training Equipment

Ray Allen- Training Equipment

DogSport Gear- Training Equipment

RedLine K9- Training Equipment

For Dog Trainers- Training Equipment