​​​​​Visitors and Members​

Membership Dues:

Becoming a Member of RCWDA

If you are interested in visiting our club or becoming a member there are a few things that we would like you to know.

Visiting RCWDA

How to Become a Member:

  • Visit our club training at least three times and be present for at least two phases per visit

  • After three visits fill out a membership application and submit it to us 

  • If you plan to trial, become a USCA member through the United Schutzhund Clubs of America

If you plan to visit Rose City Working Dog Club please contact us first.

 We want to make sure our key members are there to assist you in answering questions and evaluating you and your dog.  If you decide to visit we ask that you please fill out our visitor agreement form and we also ask for a $15.00 per visit fee.

What We Ask of our Visitors and Members:

  1. Dogs are to remain on leash at all times unless instructed by our training director.

  2. Please clean up after your dog.

  3. Please bring water for your dog, it can get hot and your dog will need to drink after working.

  4. Please crate your dog in your car, or out beside your car.

  5. We require the following basic training equipment to get you started

    • A 6 foot quality leash, and a long line of at least 12 feet.

    • A flat collar, a slip or pinch collar is also recommended.

    • Food (lightly soaked kibble, cut up hotdogs, cut up cooked meat)

    • Toys (a ball on a string and a tug toy are both recommended)

  6. ​We are there to assist you as we can, but please note that you are a dog/handler team. Even if you are completely new to the sport, you need to set goals for yourself and your dog. We will be there to fill in the gaps, but we encourage you to research Schutzhund/IPO and watch videos as well. If you go to there are many useful training videos. Everyone has their own unique style of what works best for them. Here is a website where you can rent videos about dog training: We highly recommend the videos done by Michael Ellis.